Board Members

Executive Board

Maya Thompson

Founder and Ronan's mama

Ronan's mama. Maya's passion and silent strength are moving mountains. Her eyes tell the story of someone much older, but her youthful spirit is contagious. As a Board member, Maya has exposed her soul, shared her love for Ronan, and demanded a call to action that has developed into a worldwide movement. Maya Thompson will change the face of childhood cancer.


Woody Thompson

President and Ronan's Father

Woody is Maya's husband, and Ronan, Liam and Quinn's dad. He is an attorney with Thompson and Volquardsen, which he founded in 2005. Woody is the glue that holds the Thompson Family together. Maya often refers to Woody as the love of her life, as well as the man who walks on water. People look up to Woody -- one, because he is 6'7", but mostly because his commitment to doing the right thing naturally commands respect. He and Maya fought hand-in-hand during Ronan's battle with cancer, and will always fight cancer in honor of their son. Woody's leadership, devotion and knowledge leave us with no doubt that childhood cancer has met its match.


Kenneth Frakes

Vice President

Ken is a friend of the Thompsons. He went to law school with Woody and is an attorney in Arizona. His involvement with the Foundation is to help the fight against childhood cancer. He believes that no parent should have to endure the loss of their child.




Stacy Frakes

A mom of two with a full-time career at Alliance Beverage, Stacy makes it all look easy. As busy as Stacy is, she will drop anything and everything to help her family and friends. A master at details and organization, Stacy accomplishes more in a day that most of us accomplish in a month. A friendly task-master, Stacy makes sure we stay on track. She has the ability to turn ideas into actions, and we fully believe that she could rule the world.


Carolyn Oberholtzer


Carolyn, a mom of two, and works at Bergin, Frakes, Smalley & Oberholtzer. For the past few years, Carolyn has volunteered with various cancer organizations, but shifted her focus to pediatric cancer when Ronan was diagnosed. Carolyn is beautiful, brilliant, and one of Maya's favorite people. Carolyn's calm demeanor, modesty and "anything is possible" attitude makes her a natural leader. Carolyn makes things happen, and we would follow her anywhere.


Dr Sholler


Kathryn MacLeod

Senior Photography Producer, Vanity Fair


Kathryn MacLeod-Schafer is the Senior Photography Producer at Vanity Fair magazine. Working exclusively with the photographer Annie Leibovitz for almost 20 years, she has produced many of the magazine's iconic photographs, featuring the world¹s most influential individuals. She lives in New York City.



Rachel Goldman

Board Member

Rachel has been working tirelessly behind-the-scenes since 2012: Maya’s candidness about the brutality of childhood cancer captured her heart and got her invested…though Rachel has always been a compassionate, fierce advocate for sick children. Currenly, Rachel is pursuing her PhD in Clinical Psychology and has volunteered for Make-A-Wish, Memorial Sloan Kettering, and Morgan Stanely Children’s Hospital of NY. She lives in New York City.


Dr EshunDr. Francis Eshun, MD

Phoenix Children's Hospital Learn more about Dr. Eshun


Dr MosseDr. Yael Mosse, MD

Children's Hospital of Philidelphia Learn more about Dr. Mosse Crizotinib Targets ALK-Driven Cancers in Pediatric Trial




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About the Foundation

The Ronan Thompson Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to finding a cure for neuroblastoma, a form of childhood cancer. We are currently fundraising to create a world-class neuroblastoma research and care center dedicated to funding both traditional and non-traditional treatments to reduce the number of children affected by this disease and increase survival rates.

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