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Name Dropping

Some of the the Foundation's friends.

Charisma Carpenter

Maya and Charisma CarpenterMaya and Charisma met, by chance, in the summer of 2006 in San Diego. They both had boys the same age and had an instant connection and bond. Maya was in awe of Charisma and her rad parenting skills. Charisma parented with love and a spirit of fun – like Maya strives to do –and this hit Maya to the core. They spent the summer together getting lost in the worlds of their little boys. They parted ways knowing that this was a friendship that was so special that they would remain friends for the rest of their lives. They made it a point to meet up every summer to nurture the friendship and love that had been formed. Charisma has been one of Maya's most special lovies for a long time. Charisma spent a lot of time with Ronan during the last months of his life, and Maya will never forget how she watched Charisma kiss Ronan for the last time at the Ryan House and whisper something in his ear. We know her last words to him were something so beautiful and special that Ronan will remember these words forever, and carry them with him wherever he may be.

Annie Leibovitz

Annie Liebowitz and Maya Thompson
Annie Leibovitz is somebody that Maya has adored her entire life. After Ronan became sick, Annie caught wind of his story, and out of sheer kindness, she started asking what she could do to help.  Annie donated a priceless signed, limitd-edition photograph of Muhammad Ali to the first Foundation fundraiser. She also sent Ronan a special, signed Star Wars picture just for Ronan, which he loved and adored. Maya was invited by Ronan’s Fairy RoMo to Washington D.C. to go to the opening night of Annie's latest show, “Pilgramage” at the Smithsonian. Maya spent the evening blown away by Annie's ability to capture so many different emotions and the raw beauty that exists in the world.  She had the chance to meet Annie and thank her from the bottom of her heart for taking a mother's pain and giving it a night off. 

Bret Michaels

Bret Michaels

Bret Michaels was so touched by Ronan's story that he reached out to Maya, and offered to help. Bret helps Maya navigate her way through this new world by being a voice of insight and advice. Maya is so blessed to have such an amazing man on Ronan's side. Behind every amazing man is an amazing woman, and Maya holds Bret's fiance, Kristi, very close to her heart. She is so honored to call Kristi a friend. Bret, Kristi, and their two daughters, rock Maya's world. They are a true rock-and-roll family, who live their lives wild and free.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry and Maya met at Katy's concert. Maya had the chance to go backstage where she talked to Katy about Ronan, and the two of them bonded over his big blue eyes and the unfairness of this childhood cancer world. Katy could not have been sweeter, and Maya was so thankful for the special night.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift truly is the girl with a heart of gold. Maya first met Taylor when she came to Phoenix for her Speak Now World Tour. Taylor made a special request to meet Maya before her concert. The two spent some time with one another talking about Ronan and the very upsetting nature of the lack of awareness that childhood cancer receives. Taylor took it upon herself to write a song about Ronan simply titled, "Ronan," where she credited Maya as co-author, performed it on Stand Up 2 Cancer and the song went on sale on iTunes where it jumped to the number one spot. Since the support of Taylor, great things have come our way and we know it is all due to the magic of Taylor and Ronan combined. We are so grateful for the love and support of this gracious girl. We think Taylor's mom said it best when she personally told Maya, "I think you and Taylor made a great team." We couldn't agree more.