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Spreading the RoLove

A wild and free event for Ro!
Wednesday, April 18th from 9am to noon

There will be fundraising hike at Squaw Peak! All donations will go to the Ronan Thompson Foundation to help aid the research for a cure for PEDIATRIC CANCER.

It will be a beautiful event, so come enjoy this great weather before it gets too hot to hike! There will be complimentary waters & music.

Also, anyone interested in purchasing a Rockstar Ronan/ F U Cancer bracelet, we will have them there!



Fight Like a Rockstar 2012

Every year my school's Interact Club gets involved in some type of community service project. This year, they had big plans. They reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in having a fundraiser for Ronan (my whole school knows how in love with you all i am). I obviously jumped at the offer. AND, so it began. We made tons of flyers and had a pre-fundraiser "fundraiser dinner" at a local restaurant to spread the word. Through the help many dedicated, hard-working people, we were able to put together this vendor / craft show boutique; eventually rounding up over 30 different kinds of vendors, some sold jewelry, some make-up, etc. and getting 50 baskets donated from various stores, salons, restaurants, and families. After countless hours of organizing, planning, and convincing, April 28th arrived and far exceeded our expectations. It was amazing to see how much love, support, and well wishes I received from everyone that follows Ronan's story. Sharing it with my town was equally as powerful. My school now hopes to make this a yearly event that I know will only get better in time.


Kate Rocked it Like Ronan for her 7th birthday

Feb 2012


Little Kate celebrated her birthday Rockstar Ronan style. Way to spread the Rolove! Thanks to all her little buds in Boston who are donating to the Ronan Thompson Foundation instead of gifts this year. There's nothing like kids doing things for other kids - great stuff!

Footprints Buddy and Support Program

We are a student run volunteer support group for the kids and families in the Pediatric Oncology/Hematology Unit at Shands Hospital for Children at the University of Florida. We are a group of 40+ college students who chose to look beyond the classroom buildings, libraries, clubs, and bars that flood our Gainesville community, and in doing so found this 18 room grey walled hospital unit that has changed our world.  In the past year and a half since we started we have met the bravest, strongest, and most magical kids. Kids who look at life like one giant party, not letting chemo or anything else stop them from always dancing. Kids who show gratitude towards everything and everyone, despite being struck by the most ungrateful of diseases. Kids who define life in their every move.  Kids who deserve the world...being taken from it.

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Team Rockstar

Feb 2012

Cycle of survival
Washington D.C.

They raised a total of $142,873.00, which will benefit Sloan Kettering. $1000 went to the Ronan Thompson Foundation.